Bike Rack Request Form


Increase bike parking options for customers and employees at local businesses and to encourage multi-modal transportation in the City.  The City of Hyattsville will provide parking racks by request, installed in the order that request are received and as the City's Staff time/budget allow.

Program Detail

The Bicycle Parking Rack Request Form should be completed by the owner or administrator of the location making the request. Requests may also be submitted by the general public, which will alert our staff to the need for bicycle parking in a particular area but, will not necessarily trigger further steps in the installation process.

The City has put together a system where business owners or property owners are able to request bicycle racks to increase use of different forms of transportation to and from business locations. Bike racks help to secure bicycles from theft and create active space for bikes to park while not being used. The racks provided as part of this program are basic, inverted-U style racks (see photo below). These racks are adequate for short term parking. Business owners taking advantage of this program must note that the bike racks installed as part of this program are meant for public use and can be used by anyone at any time. 

How to Apply

To apply for a bike rack in front of or near your business, you must first submit the Bike Rack Grant Program application and be able to meet the specifications. Once a staff person reviews your application, they will contact you to discuss the project. Please find the City of Hyattsville's Bike Rack Grant Program Application below.