The Hyattsville City Police Department is Getting Cleaner & Greener!

The Hyattsville City Police Department operates a motor fleet of approximately 65 vehicles for Patrol, Investigators, Evidence Collection, ERT (Emergency Response Team) and Administration.  Most of those vehicles are gasoline powered, but the agency is working hard to make it's vehicle fleet "greener" by utilizing all-electric and hybrid-electric vehicles whenever possible.  Currently the department has the following non-polluting or less-polluting vehicles in operation:

1. 2017 Chevrolet Bolt All-Electric Fully Marked Police Vehicle.  (Most likely the first in the country!)
2. 2017 Zero DSP All-Electric Fully Marked Police Motorcycle.
3. 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid Unmarked Police Vehicle.

4. Three All-Electric Segway Personal Assistive Mobility Devices.
5. All-Electric Golf Cart - Fully Marked Police Vehicle for Special Events (Low Speed)

In addition, the department has equipped seven (6) Patrol Vehicles and the "Hummer" Specialized Rescue Vehicle with "Anti-Idling Devices," which allow the officer to run the vehicle's emergency lights, radios, etc., without the engine running.

Click here for a recent article written about Hyattsville's new Electric Police Cruiser in Green Car Reports.
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* The City will be installing Six (6) Level 2 (240 Volt) Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at three public parking lots which will be available to the general public at NO cost!  Two of those EV Charging Stations, as well as the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt Electric Car and the 2017 Zero DSP Electric Police Motorcycle were funded by a grant from the Maryland Energy Administration.

For more information about the Hyattsville City Police Department's Electric Vehicles Program, contact Sgt. Richard Hartnett at (301) 985-5083 or email
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