Employee of the Year

Cheri Everhart, Our 2018 Employee of the Year

Every year, the City of Hyattsville recognizes one employee as the Employee of the Year, and bestows upon them the Seth Holton Award. Holton was the City's first Clerk, and the Award is given in his spirit of service and commitment to the Hyattsville community. As our City's Manager of Recreation, Programs, and Events, Cheri Everhart was a natural choice for the most recent Seth Holton Award. 

Ms. Everhart has been with the City of Hyattsville for over 12 years, Her role has significantly evolved from when she first started in 2007 as a part-time, and later full-time, administrative assistant. She quickly took on increased responsibility for planning the City’s many community events – first as Event Coordinator, and then as Supervisor of Recreation and Events. In her current role as Manager of Recreation, Programs, and Events, Ms. Everhart has been able to refine longstanding programs, as well as conduct outreach to create new partnerships and events.

In 2018, Ms. Everhart organized a partnership with the Maryland Army National Guard to host the unveiling of the “Couriers to Congress” Highway Marker at Melrose Park, in celebration of Women’s History Month. She added new value to the City’s anniversary festival by giving Northwestern High School students an opportunity to showcase several student initiatives. And, with the help of Edward M. Felegy Elementary School’s choir, she brought more attendees to Hyattsville’s Holiday Tree Lighting than ever before.

These are but a few examples of how Ms. Everhart has gone above and beyond planning the City’s regularly scheduled events – something she does each year with what City Administrator Tracey Douglas described as “a quiet and steady grace, and a common confidence that has a positive effect on all around her.”

Congratulations again, Ms. Everhart, and thank you for your endless service to the City of Hyattsville!